PRO 500

The PRO 500 block machine with its modern design puts this machine to the top of its class. 

The most versatile machines in their class, the PRO machine series offers the largest variety of handling and cubing systems available. With handling equipment on wet and dry line side, capacity of complete installation can be increased significantly.

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Main Features

This machine can be considered as an ultimate solution for the production of concrete elements providing the one to choose numerous options as an additional upgrade to the machine that can make production even more efficient:

Modern design

Filling boxes both from the coarse mix and face mix
powered with 2 servo motors create fast movement
back and forth contributing reliable filling of the mould.
As for the coarse mix device filling box it is additionally
equipped with an agitator (driven by the hydraulic
cylinder) for equal and fast filling.

Servo vibration

Hi-dynamic Servo vibration system transmits power for the high compaction with the just right consumption of electrical
power to vibration table consisted of impact and ledge bars and thus providing top-quality paving stones, blocks, curbstones as well as any other products which modern  demanding market requires. Vibration power of 110 kN
provides fast compaction of the product thus lower cycle time and the precise heights of the products.

Energy efficient

Hoppers of the machine opening on electrical motors, provides the fast and clean way of the concrete to the filling box. Easy maintenance and precise dosing of the concrete. 

Technical specificationsPRO 500
Production pallet size1400x700 mm
Production area1300x650 mm
Minimal product height40 (25) mm
Maximum product height350 (500) mm
Weight of machine14000 kg
Production of paving stone 100x200x60 mm (without face mix) (8h shift)1016 m2
Production of paving stone 100x200x60 mm (with face mix) (8h shift)864 m2
Production of hollow block 200x200x400 mm (8h shift)12.960 pcs.
Vibration power120 kN
Automation control systemSiemens S7-1200

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