Turbine Type Mixer comes in 8 different sizes from 175-1500 litre output. Tank walls and floor are lined in wear resistant steel plates. Rotating drive system with spring shock absorbers protects drive gearbox in case of mix blades hit any obstruction. Mixer has features like robust and space-saving drive system, multiple discharge gates, easy access to areas inside of mixer and low overall height.

The main advantages and features of TM series of mixers:

  • High speed turbine concrete mixer, like the others in the family has been carefully designed and perfected over many years to be fast, rugged and reliable. The TM turbine mixer is a world class performer in the production of both wet and dry cast concrete.
  • The TM’s mixing action comes from the rotating blades, which are scientifically designed to push the material from the inside to the outside of the chamber and back again, whilst lifting and folding it, mixing the concrete fully in a few revolutions.
  • As previously mentioned the TM’s mixing arms are suspended from spring-action mounts, allowing them to ride up and over any possible obstructions without damage. The large, cool running epicyclical reduction gear is direct driven so there is no belts to wear and break.
  • This type of mixer does not require extra cleanout mechanisms so cleanout can be thorough, fast and easy.
  • Turbine type of mixers has best cost to profit ratio.