Planetary Type Mixer has three arms per star and can have one or even two stars on bigger model size. This system generates counter-current flow of the batch materials, that type of mixing action

results in more efficient and aggressive shuffling of aggregates, which provides shorter cycle times as well as less wear. Identical floor tiles are low cost and can be individually replaced.

The planetary (or counter current) design has from one to two mixing stars that rotate while in the same time they rotate around a central point, allowing each arm to cover the whole mixer floor in a number of revolutions. This powerful mixing action is both fast and thorough, resulting in a mixing time, after water is added, of 30 seconds or less for most types of concrete. The result is greater throughput, leaving more concrete per hour for the same size plant, as well as better consistency and greater strength or, on the other hand saving on cement.

Prometal mixers provide wide range of opportunities to its clients for upgrading their products with accessories as skip hoists, water weighing systems, cement weigh hoppers and dust reducing airbags, high pressure wash systems, accelerated discharge blades and multiple discharge doors. Customers can modify and choose equipment that can satisfy their needs as every product is customizable so it can fit to different needs.