Stationary concrete mixing plants

From small through medium ending up on big capacity concrete
batching plants, Prometal presents most efficient way of concrete
production with great results of high quality concrete.

Our clients can choose between 15 cubic meters per hour to 120 cubic meters per hour capacity concrete batching plants.

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Main Features

To combine and tailor concrete batching plants our clients can choose between various options in regards to capacity, mixer type, optional equipment and more:

Aggregate discharge options

Our clients can choose a several options of the discharge type of aggregates. From the belt discharge, bucket to the standard discharge doors with pneumatic open/close. 

Structure of mixing plants

Concrete mixing plant structure  provides customizable height discharge height and it is produced from section – profile and sheet iron.
On the structure aggregate waiting, cement weighing, water weighing and additive weighing hoppers are mounted on a separate removable chassis placed on the mixer chassis and equipment with ladder platform and parapets.

Humidity control

Importance of humidity inside of the mixture is one of the most important factors. The sensor measures at 25 times per second which enables rapid response to any changes in moisture content, including the determination of homogeneity.

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